Proform Treadmill

You’re about to find out simple things to look out for when shopping for treadmills for home or office use.

Everyone claims to know everything about a treadmill till it’s time to buy one for themselves. Then, they get stuck about which one is the best for them. You must know that everyone who’s got a treadmill to sell claims that they have the best proform treadmill for you. And it has got this and that. It’s worth it if you take the time to read this treadmill review article all the way.

The Components

The exercise machine they one thing in common which is the deck, belt, rollers, motor, flywheel, frame, display console as well as electronics. Some treadmill companies make one or more of these components better than their counterpart which makes it a better choice. Below are the things to look out for.


A treadmill deck is created to support the running surface and reduce shock reduction. The heavier you are, the better shock reduction the deck will have on you. And the faster you go, the higher the shock reduction.

A good deck is manufactured from thin laminated wood layer and coated with lubricants so there’s less friction between the deck and belt of the proform tread and they’re reversible.

The Belt

A preform treadmill belt is the surface you run on. It’s 2 ply and about 14-24 inches wide and 45-63 inches long. Some manufacturers put a thicker surface and more shock absorbent decks based on the price. The higher the price, the lesser the shock.

Another thing worth mentioning is the size of the tread belt which allows you to run, jog, sprint comfortably without hitting yourself or slipping off. The small and narrow ones is best for walking only. The taller you are, the bigger it should be if you want to find it comfortable. A 5′ 6″ feet tall person wouldn’t like anything under 18 ‘x 56″ especially when they run very fast.


The rollers support and help the tread belt to stay firm. An improved ones minimize the amount of wear and tear on the motor and tread belt.

Naturally, larger and heavy ones is better than small and light ones. They are more durable.

The Motor

The motor is often between the range of 1.5 and 3.0 horsepower. Obviously, the higher horsepower of the equipment the stronger the engine. You should also put into consideration the horsepower in relation to the belt and deck. Occasionally, a poorly designed machine may require higher horsepower. In an ideal world, the belt and deck would be the same, so you can really compare motors.

Even though some 1.5 horsepower may do the job but I advise you get a minimum of 2.0. The reason is quite simple, smaller motors tend to break down easily due to overheating or wear out.


The flywheel controls the speed of the belt. In other words, it’s what keeps you moving at 5.5 miles/hour for every second that 5.5 miles/hour is the selected speed. A low quality flywheels can get you a jerky motion.

Frame Work

Some of the frames come in steel or aluminium. Aluminium frame treadmills will run you more because they are better, stronger, support more weight and don’t rust.

Truth is, some special kind of aluminium are stronger than some types of steel. Note, a properly coated steel frame will not rust.

Now that you have the basics of how to pick the best treadmill out there.

Why not start shopping for what meets your criteria.

Thanks for taking the time to read this treadmill review article.